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    VW Golf GTI GTX3076 0-402m@10.8sec 2WD TSI World Record

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6466 750hp

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    VW Golf GTI PTE6266 877Hp

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    VW Polo GTI PTE 5130 setup

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    VW Golf GTI GTX3071 setup 

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    Abarth Grande Punto PTE 5128 418whp




UserSetable antilag-Launch Control

User-Setable antilag Launch Control is an innovation of Revlimit for the VAG 2.0TFSi/TSi, 20VT, 2.7T & R32 and soon 1.4TSi/TFSi, 1.8TSi/TFSi as well as FIAT/Lancia/Alfa Romeo 1.4 T-Jet engines, that gives driver the capability to start from stand still with full boost. This function exists for manual and DSG gearbox.

The user setable function, gives driver the choice to change the Launch rpm via a combination of brake and clutch pedals for manual trasmission or via the Cruise Control switch for DSG transmission.

Launch Control comes into operation, only if clutch pedal is pressed for manual trasmission or brake pedal is hard pressed for DSG* trasmission.

*As far as DSG trasmission is concerned, we disable the original Launch Control from TCU in order to have full control of antilag LC from engine ECU.

How is it possible to have boost pressure without load?
This is achieved with antilag function, that its main characteristic is ignition cut and timing retard. This results to ignition delay and transfer of combustion out of combustion chamber, into the exhaust monifold and directly to the turbo*. As a result, boost without load is achieved.

*Using antilag with timing retard has the advantage of fast spooling and high boost pressure but on the other hand, temperature in exhaust monifold and turbo are getting very high fast. This function is supposed to work with drag-racing engines since extensive use can cause damage to the exhaust monifold and turbo.

It is also notified that we are not responsible for any damage in the exhaust monifold or turbo when antilag is enabled.


Revlimit - antilag Launch Control in VAG 20vt (stock ECU)

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